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The congress on hypnosis origins is postponed until sanity returns.

Customers who have already purchased their pass by credit card have already been reimbursed on their card. For the others please contact us for a full refund.
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 Wellness tip

To go beyond the Coronavirus phase, you can find guided meditation type hypnoses and eating ideas on our YouTube channel Mitishamba and on our site

In temples, on the battlefields, on playgrounds, in rituals and festivals in Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, among American Indians, Asia, Africa and in September 2020 in Paris.

At Renaissance in Europe, in Asia, in Africa within secret societies, at universities, worship sites, with alchemists, Hermetics, religious leaders or influential people or healers and in September 2020 in Paris.

In Private places, during shows, in discos, or rituals, on sport fields, in the street or elsewhere seeking excellence, wellness, balance or more, at Paris or at Nancy, Central Europe or further South or East or America then everywhere and in September 2020 in Paris.

Searching for that hidden part of us that is mostly us, seeking its secret language, one we can hardly understand, and are trying to approach, just like giants that preceded us. For initiated people, subtle tones, symbolic colors, symbols from other worlds, stories that tell other stories, looks, touches that change in September 2020 in Paris.

You will experience, hear, see, smell, feel, live retraced practices by exceptional, yet humble women and men, in a quest for something extra, a plus in the unconscious language in the main conference, evening themes and events, or pre and post congress courses.

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